Here’s a little tool I threw together while evaluating some Flash libraries for another project. I wanted to get a quick sense of a library’s size and structure but I usually find myself hopping all over the asdocs trying to draw a mental map. Basically all it does is read the object dependency information out of a swc library’s catalog and renders an inheritance tree.

This also gave me a chance to play with some data visualization libraries I’ve had bookmarked for awhile. I chose to use JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit as I really liked their space tree but another consideration was Prefuse Flare. If you’d like to view all the object dependencies not just inheritance, check out their dependency graph demo for a very nice visualization.


Anyways, the app is at http://nochump.com/swcvis, just click ’change’ in the top left to load a swc file from your local machine.  You can also click below to view some miscellaneous Flash libraries right away.

swcvis – playerglobal.swc
swcvis – flex.swc
swcvis – osmf.swc
swcvis – flexunit-0.9.swc
swcvis – framework.swc
swcvis – hamcrest-as3-1.1.0.swc
swcvis – robotlegs-framework-v1.3.0.swc
swcvis – PureMVC_AS3_2_0_4.swc
swcvis – Mate_08_9.swc
swcvis – swiz-0.6.4-flex4.swc
swcvis – Alternativa3D 7.5.0.swc
swcvis – Away3DLite.swc
swcvis – as3-signals-v0.6.swc